Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ogre Miniatures in a Shoebox


Well, another ogre miniatures thread has just bitten the dust over on the SJG forums, for which I'm probably partly responsible for,  in that I posted a comment that lead to other people over reacting, and saying things that were best left unsaid.  I find the reaction to close the thread is evidence that my original comment, "The problem is the way Ogre is being handled is the problem; the miniatures is just a symptom of the bigger picture," has some substance.  IMO how this thread has been handled is a PR pratfall, YMMV.

Still, I was looking at my shoebox of Ogre miniatures, as one does, and musing that even after painting up my Pan European force in 2012, starting my new Combine force in 2013, which has run into 2014, I still have a shoe box of Ogre miniatures left to clean up and paint.  Ironic, because for years I had a shoebox full of unpainted miniatures, I now have a load of painted models, a load in the process of being painted, and probably have more unpainted castings than I originally started with.

I must be a true wargamer.

Looking back at how much I've spent on these, just over the course of this year it was $650.00, which was all the disposable income I had.  Unless I was the only person spending this kind of money with SJG I'm having a hard time understanding their position on the sales of the miniatures.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Blast-Tastic Countdown

I have sent off my details for the two passes I need for this show, and as the site shows there is only 96 days until the show.  So I must carry on painting the miniatures for the Ogre/GEV demo game I'm running.

I've been thinking about how to set up the Ceasefire Collapse scenario to get the maximum number of players around the table.  This means knowing the value of the units, so as to keep the scenario balanced, which is not my usual concern when setting up a wargame, but Ogre scenarios are touted as play test balanced.  So I feel I must remain true to the game's set ups.

However, this has set some thoughts in motion about an article for unbalanced scenarios, which if I get the time and inclination would make a good article for Miniature Wargames.  Don't hold your breath though.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Noble Inger-Land


God knows I'm not a football fan, but this speaks to me on so many levels.  Loss of Rik Mayall, Henry the 5th, and Shakespeare.   It has it all.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Ogre Miniatures Last Castings

These arrived this week.  These are the last run of castings from SJG that I ordered back in April.  The decision to stop offering Ogre miniatures, now that Ogre is back on the market, boggles my mind.  I'm aware of the financial aspects that Phil Reed has stated SJG must operate under; I'm fully cognizant of what he implied, but the current position taken seems to have be taken to spite the fans of the game.

Colour me cross.

Anyway, I got the above, and have ended up with three Vulcan drones, but no Vulcan.  Nothing to do with SJG, but down to someone who backed out of a deal to buy his Vulcan off him after the window to order from SJG had closed.

Colour me less than pleased.  Not so much angry, but incandescent with rage.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ogre Force WIP


Here is the current state -of-play with regards to my North American Combine force that I'm painting for the Blast-Tastic! wargaming weekend in October.  I know it's only the beginning of June, but time sure does fly by.

I've been working on the Ogres too, and the infantry.  So everything is progressing according to plan.  What I don't know is if I've allowed enough time for any set-backs.  We shall see, as that is the only way to know if the plan is any good (as in survives contact with reality).

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ogre Camoflage WIP


First colour laid down, in this case purple for all, which is mostly by happen-chance, because I didn't knowingly set out to have a colour in common to all the forces.

The pink Ogre is being done in a scheme base on the Swedish splinter pattern as applied to the Saab Viggen.

Both the green and yellow schemes are differential dazzle schemes, where the placement of colour is driven by the desire to have the lower parts of the Ogre in lighter tones.  Of course the pink scheme will appear similar, because the pink is very bright, but the design is largely driven from copying the Swedish camoflage pattern.  A subtle difference that pleases me, and I imagine most other will not notice, or care much about.

On looking at the above picture I think I will add some more purple to the Mark 1 Ogre, which I think needs to be darker on top.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Green, Pink & Yellow Ogres

Title says it all.  Sorry not to say more, but not in the right frame of mind at this moment (death in the family).

NB: Better colour corrected picture added.  The Pan Euro GEV added for those who asked about the size of the old Ral Partha Mark 4.  I had a problem with the green too, because the paint had dried up and I had to use a lot of thinners to get it useable.  Hence the change in tone between the Ogres and the GEV.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ogre Force Primed

Today I spent all of the morning, and a fair chunk of the afternoon watching my partner shooting in their first archery club competition.  I caught the sun a bit, as the sun was shining for a change.  My intention to sit and read was lost in watching the spectacle of people shooting arrows, and the satisfying thunk sound when the arrow hits the target.  It was a bit like watching a re-enactment of Agincourt, without the unpleasantness of seeing the horses being shot.

I might go along and have a go, and see if I enjoy firing arrows at butts.

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up my Combine infantry.  Then I primed them, my Ogres and all the vehicles I showed here over the last month, too.  The first step toward having them painted for Blast-Tastic in October.

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